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Gamers In Beta Podcast

Jul 24, 2017

After a week away (we probably should've taken more time), we're back with Episode 208. We discuss Nintendo's woeful launch of their online capabilities. Plus, we discuss the late 2018 release of The Wolf Among Us 2 and how after 4 years of being in Alpha, Gigantic has finally released.

Other segments include voice...

Jul 10, 2017

You heard it hear first folks. Jay has declared that Summer is NOW here. Maybe you're on the beach sipping on your favorite suds with a koozie in hand. The sun tan lotion has been applied liberally. Your swim suit or bikini bottom is tightening up at the first glance of the hot bod walking across the sand. Well,...

Jul 4, 2017

Here at Gamers In Beta, we're celebrating the 4th of July by welcoming the whole crew back to the show. For the first time, in a long time, we have everyone here for Episode 206.

Listen as we discuss the announcement of the mini-SNES, Summer gaming sales, the best toppings for hamburgers, and other stuff. Plus, we have...

Jun 26, 2017

On Episode 205 of the Gamers In Beta podcast, you'll hear us discuss topics such as Anthem and it's 10 year journey, the N64 turning 21, backwards compatibility wishes, and more!

Plus, we have listener questions, voice mails, and answers to our QotW. If you want to leave a voice mail for us, please call 508-658-BETA. Do...

Jun 19, 2017

We're back to wrap up our E3 2017 thoughts. Listen to us carry on about Sony, Bethesda, Nintendo, and Ubisoft. We cover them all and then some.

Plus we throw in our usual listener questions, voice mails, question(s) of the week, and other relevant gaming news. It's all here on Episode 204. Enjoy!

-ps shout out to Jeremy...