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Gamers In Beta Podcast

Dec 30, 2013

CapnMikeM along with co-hosts: Kailon791 and MaineAC17 celebrate the end of 2013 with the Game of the Year Edition of Gamers In Beta.

Topics Discussed this week:

Releases for 12/30:
Dr. Luigi - WiiU

Quick Hits:
 - Did the Xmas Outages affect anyone?
 - steam holiday sales
 - Sony pulling the MP plug on a number of...

Dec 23, 2013

CapnMikeM and Kailon791 discuss such topics as:

Releases for 12/22:
Halo Spartan Assault XB1
CastleStorm WiiU
Zen Pinball 2 (PS4)
Super Mario Brothers 3 (WiiU)

Quick Hits:
- Steam Holiday Sale
- DLC for Lego Marvel Superheroes
    The Asgardian Character Pack adds eight new characters, including Malekith, Kurse, Sif,...

Dec 18, 2013

CapnMikeM goes it alone this week to discuss such topics as:

Releases for 12/17:
Zen Pinball 2 delayed to Christmas Eve on PS4
 - Tiny Thief (PC)
 - Motor Rock (Steam)
 - BIT.TRIP Presents: Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien (vita)
 - flOw (vita/ps4)
 - Pinball Arcade (ps4)
 - Indoor Sports World (vita)
 - Mutant...

Dec 9, 2013

CapnMikeM w/co-host: MaineAC17 and special guest: Xiantayne from The OMG Hour discuss such topics as:

Releases for 12/9:
Peggle 2 (XB1)
Doki-Doki Universe (PS4/3/Vita - Cross Buy)
Strength of the Sword 3 (PSN)
Rush (WiiU)

Tommaso at Housemarque (Resogun)

Quick Hits:
Destiny gets a (delayed) release date of...

Dec 2, 2013

CapnMikeM w/co-host MaineAC17 discuss such topics as:

Releases for 12/3:
Tiny Brains - PS4
Gran Turismo - PS3
Peggle 2 - Dec 9th, XB1

Quick Hits:
 - How to make your own XB1 Chat cable:
 - Turtle Beach...