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Gamers In Beta Podcast

Feb 24, 2014

CapnMikeM w/co-host MAINEac17 discuss such topics as:

Releases for 2/23:

Thief (Multi)
PvZ: Garden Warfare (XB1/360)
Castlevania Lord of Shadows 2 (PS3/Xbox360)
Basement Crawl (PS4)

Quick Hits:
PS4 Sales numbers

PS4 Update

MS aware of Blackscreen bug

Can you pre-load Titanfall on XB1 or not

MS Xbox One Update Beta program

Irrational closes but Bioshock lives on

Daylight gets a release date

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition

Strike Suit Zero - Director's Cut headed to consoles in March

Sacred 3 coming to consoles this Summer

Wolfenstein New Order releases on May 20. Pre-order gives access to Doom Beta

New Tony Hawk game

Discussion/question from Robop1g
Hey guys I was curious to hear how your Significant others feel about your favorite hobby?  Do you think that your kids have taken to gaming due to your love for it, or do you think  its just universal in kids?  My son has become a huge gamer but he has a couple friends that really aren't into them which surprised me.  Do you do any monitoring or limiting of your kids playtime?