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Gamers In Beta Podcast

Jul 13, 2015

With a recent death in my family, Episode 110 was just what I needed to escape, albiet briefly, the mourning process. I thank DeviousMrMatt and MAINEac17 for coming on the show and providing me with some laughs.

We discuss a wide array of subjects this week and not all of them necessarily are about gaming. And this is exactly why we enjoy having Matt on the show, we can bounce back and forth between subjects without skipping too many beats.

When it comes to gaming, we did discuss our thoughts on maybe the over saturation of The Walking Dead franchise. Jay and Matt talk about their recent exploits in The Witcher 3. And CapnMikeM finally gets to play something other than Batman or The Witcher. Listen as he talks about Portal Pinball, Tales from the Borderlands, and Rocket League.

Lastly, we also discuss news items around Destiny, Gears of War, Batman Arkham Knight, Black Ops III, and more. We hope you listen to Episode 110 as you enjoy your summer.


PC version of Batman won’t re-release till the Fall

Batman vs Superman trailer

Over saturation of The Walking Dead titles
 - The Walking Dead by Telltale
 - The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct
 - Overkill’s the Walking Dead
 - The Escapist The Walking Dead

New Releases for week of 7/14:
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter - PS4 - Action/Adventure - The Astronauts

Batgirl DLC for Batman Arkham Knight *if you have the season pass*
Ant-Man Pinball table - Multi - pinball - Zen Studios
Trials Fusion: Awesome Level Max - XB1/PC - Racing - Ubisoft/RedLynx
AR-K: The Great Escape - PC - Point-Click Adventure - Gato Salvaje Studio
God of War III Remastered - PS4 - Action/Adv - Sony
Rory McIIroy PGA Tour - Multi - Golf - EA Sports
Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess - PS4 - Action/Puzzle - Koei Tecmo
The Fall - XB1/PS4 - Episodic side-scrolling exploration - Over the Moon
Godzilla - PS4/PS3 - Arena Brawler - Bandai Namco
Monster Jam Battlegrounds - PS3 - Driving - GameMill Entertainment
No Time to Explain - XB1 - Action Platformer - tinyBuild
Arcade Archives Buta San - PS4 - Action - JALECO

Conversation with the Creators: Destiny (new series on PSN hosted by Will Wheaton)

10 “moments of triumph” - Destiny

New Destiny Console - The Taken King Edition

New trailer for Transformers: Devastation

All of the Doctor Whos are in Lego Dimensions

COD Black Ops III Zombie Trailer

Ubisoft Explains Why Digital Games Stay More Expensive Than Physical

Black Ops III MP Beta launches on Aug 19

Gears of War Ultimate Edition coming free w/a purchase of XB1 console (Aug-Dec)

No Horde mode coming to GoW UE