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Gamers In Beta Podcast

Feb 3, 2014

CapnMikeM w/co-host: MaineAC17 and BlueAmCat

Releases for 1/26:
The Wolf Among Us Episode 2
Dustforce (PS3N & PSV)
Surge Deluxe (PSV)
Outlast (PS4) - Free for PS + members
King Oddball (PSV)
The Lego Movie Videogame - multi

Quick Hits:
The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 release dates:

Xbox One Dashboard Update coming in March

MS leaks info on consoles

MS leaks info on upcoming games like Halo 5, Halo 2 Anniversary, Crackdown 3, etc

Vita Slim coming to Europe

Games with Gold (X360) for Feb:
From February 1 through 15, Deep Silver’s Dead Island will be available for Xbox Live Gold members to download. The second half of the month will feature Signal Studios’ Toy Soldiers: Cold War.

PS + games for Feb:
PlayStation 4 horror title Outlast. For PS3, Plus members will get Remember Me, Payday 2, and Metro: Last Light. For Vita, it’s Street Fighter X Tekken and Modnation Racers: Road Trip.
Sony is currently sending out Beta invites for Playstation Now

Eurogamer is reporting that software similar to the PlayStation 3’s ability to run PS1 and PS2 software and the Vita’s ability to run PS1 and PSP games is on track for the PlayStation 4.
Question from Robop1g:
Hey guys I was curious if arcades were a big influence in your love of gaming, or did you start with consoles?  Have Mike and Jay ever had a chance to visit funspot in NH?  If you enjoyed time in the arcades I recommend it, they have just about every game you could have played during the 80's.